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Jessica Omoruyi

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My name is Jessica. I am sure you already know I breathe interior design. I can't tell when my passion and love for beautiful interior designs started, by growing up I was always organized, and later in life I when I go to places I would always analyze and think of how the space could have been done better. Since then, I have helped friends style their homes and also taken the time to professionally study interior design.

For me, interior design plays a big role in my emotional well-being and how I interact in my environment. I know others feel the same way because if you can feel your best at home, that positively affects other aspects of your life. Designing allows me to combine my love for fashion, art, and photography into creative ideas in designing a space.


A well-thought-out and beautifully designed space is life a gift that keeps on giving - to you. That's why no matter the size of the project, my goal is always the same: to make your personal style shine through the space you live in

5To5 Interior Design

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