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3 Easy Ways to Start Creating your Dream Home

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

It is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to give your home a fresh look and feel. I have been there and trust me, I have felt every frustration that comes with choosing colours, furniture, accessories and wondering if the end result will reflect my personality and style. Or if you have a family, how do you combine the style of different members of your household. I will show you three easy ways how to get you started in the right direction

Create a Vision Board of What You Want To Achieve

You know how they say you can not hit a target you cannot see. That applies also to interior design. We all have ideas in our head of how we want our home to look but until you see it visually it can be difficult to create the home you desire. That is why when creating interior designs for clients I like creating a mood board to get the overall mood of the space I want to design.

But you don't have a create mood boards, Pinterest is a great place to get ideas, just type in the search bar your design style, for example, rustic homes. Pinterest then shows tons of homes with rustic design decor, save as many as you. Then go back and really have a look at your saved searches, notice the common trends and you will start to see what you like and do not like

Start With One Room at a Time

It is easy to get overwhelmed when redesigning several rooms at a time. That is why I suggest you start with one room, finish designing then move on to the next room. But don't forget that though you are designing different rooms they should all be in harmony with each other. For example, your living room flooring may be made up of brown hardwood and your bathroom made up of tiles. It will be helpful to think in advance about the point at which they meet, you want it to be seamless. You should also consider the colour of your bathroom tiles, making sure it goes well with your brown hardwood floor

Shop Items That You Reflects Your Style

When it comes to buying pieces for your home, there are so many options to choose from.

Colours, texture, patterns can become one big ball of confusion. How do you resolve this, by buying pieces that reflect your personality. By all means, research as much as you can, I would! But do not be tempted by the latest or trendy designs. Look for items that will be useful in your home and assuming you have a family, items that serve dual purposes. I personally like to go for timeless pieces that I know I will love for a long time to come

So there you have it, this should get you started in the right direction. Still feel overwhelmed, send me an email and I will be glad to get you in the right direction to living in your dream home

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