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Furniture Ideas For The Holiday

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Oh the weather outside is frightful…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...The holiday is upon us and I can feel the excitement in the air. It’s the first week of December and I already have my tree up and decorated. Don’t judge me! I am one of those who like to start the holidays early and end it late (think the end of Jan for taking down my tree, though I usually make it to the third week before I start feeling weird still having it up)!

It is the season to gather with family and friends, and given what we have been through this year with restrictions making travel and social gatherings very difficult I would say it’s a much needed break. So many homes are in the process of decorating for the holidays, the shops are decked out with fun and festive window decorations, and my inbox is overflowing with newsletters encouraging me to start decorating.

So naturally, as an interior designer who loves functional and beautiful spaces it got me thinking of how to decorate your home this holiday and how you can enjoy it beyond the holiday season. While accents and decorations are great, they can be temporary. My focus is on buying items that make any home feel beautiful even after the holiday.

Wondering how to start designing your home this holiday? Here are five items that will take you home to that next level you desire and can make this holiday one of the best you have had. After all this is the season of gathering around with family and friends, having a laugh, and sharing memories.

1. Dining Table

Any space needs a good focal point and in a dining area, that focal point should be the dining table. Dining tables come in different colors, textures, and sizes. The right one should fit into your space with enough room for movement around the table and for when you put out the chairs.

A good quality table can last a long time so this is the time to decide on your price point. I prefer quality over quantity and will usually buy within my budget. Take into consideration your chairs, upholstery is a great way to add color in your home and good news, they come in a variety of colors or if you prefer a more minimalist design consider chairs made with wood or metal only. If limited space is an issue consider purchasing a round table, this can help maximize the space in your living area.

Finally add a statement light to make it all come together, and voila you have an intimate space where family and friends can gather. I am loving the Steveston Reclaimed Wood Extension Dining Table by Urban, it's not only beautiful but the size is just right for family gatherings.

Steveston Reclaimed Wood Extension Dining Table

-Anew Buff (Urban Barn)

2. Coffee Table

I am currently working on a project for a condo and I can say getting the right coffee table is proving to be a surprising challenge. I thought this would be the least of my sourcing worries but alas! That is because buying a coffee table requires a good eye for design. The right coffee table can elevate any sitting area.

Depending on your sitting arrangement, you should take into consideration the shape of your sofa, couch or sectional. If it will work with a round, square, rectangular or oval coffee table. This may seem trivial but a well thought out purchasing decision will go a long way in creating a space you love. I truly feel they bring elements of the room together.

After a good couch, a coffee table is the next centrepiece that brings it all together in the living room. I guess that is why it is called a centrepiece. They do so many things, hold those cute decorative books, an area for those conversations with friends, pretty much the centre of the living room.

It makes sense to buy a coffee table that fits your living room and will last a long time. Wood is the most popular material used in making a coffee table and I adore it because it just fits into any space. Check out the Miro Black Coffee table by CrateandBarrel below.

Miro Black Marble Coffee Table (CrateandBarrel)

3. Fireplace /Mantel

Anyone thinking of cozy, warm and intimate gatherings around the fireplace? The holiday season is a great time to build a fireplace if you have always wanted one or replace your old mantle. Even a little paint touch can go a long way in creating a feeling of intimacy for your holiday guest.

The location of the fireplace in the home and how you style it with well thought out accents and accessories can make it a statement piece. The mantle is also a place to draw attention to items you cherish, maybe from your travels or hobbies. This can be conversation starters and will create an area where social gatherings can take place. It is also a great place to decorate for the holidays!

When deciding on a fireplace take into consideration your design style: modern, traditional, contemporary or farmhouse. Also think of the color, it should complement the rest of your home.

4. Entryway Console Table

Do you have a friend whose entryway is always a conversation topic, in a good way! I love a well designed entryway and it does not have to break the bank. That is why on my list for top five furniture for the holiday is a console table and they are my go to for adding movement to an otherwise bare space. Seriously console tables are a great way to show your style and any serious interior designer knows that.

The entryway console table can also tell a lot about your home and your style. It is the first thing people notice when they walk into your home so why not make it a memorable one? They can serve several purposes, like a place to keep your keys in a bowl on top of the table, it can act as a decor piece or as storage space for shoes underneath.

Different kinds of console tables are available and it is relatively easy to choose the one that best suits your needs. Also keep in mind the overall furniture style in your home. Only mix furniture from different eras if you know your way around designing a space, otherwise if using modern or traditional furniture in other parts of your home, your entryway console table should either be modern or traditional.

Kirun Console Table (Article)

5. Mobile kitchen Island

Do you look at social media and think to yourself one day I am going to have a huge kitchen island just like that! Well you and me both! But in the meantime while we dream about all the things we would like our kitchen to be, who says we need to wait that long. That’s why mobile kitchen islands were made. They are not just for small spaces, they serve a variety of purposes like storage or a preparing and serving station for when you have guests over.

So this holiday season, a mobile kitchen island may be just what you need if space is a problem. No matter how small your kitchen space is, there is an island that will fit your needs. A mobile island is a good option, it provides a working surface for food preparation and can also double up as a dining table. You can have friends gather around while sharing conversation and cooking. Below are some of my favourite picks for a mobile kitchen island. When shopping for one, consider the size of your space. The island should be able to fit in your space with enough room to move around it. I love the back and white kitchen island by Greyleigh, the black and white will fit most colour palette of any home.

Clarkson 50" Kitchen Island by Greyleigh (Wayfair)

When is the best time to buy furniture? Well I am glad you asked! Around the holidays or close to the holidays are usually the best time to buy that piece you have been eyeing. Black Friday and Boxing Day is a good time to scout for discounts. Around January is also a time retailers provide more discounts to try and get rid of old stock. So look out for deals and shop sale items when you can.

Do you have plans to shop for furniture for your home this holiday season?

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